Calgary commercial buildings a smart investment!

Calgary has a strong commercial office, industrial and retail market that brings strong returns for businesses looking to build new or renovate older structures. The Investment Property Databank reported in 2012 that Calgary produced the highest returns for commercial real estate out of 60 international cities. There is significant new inventory in the planning or early development stages for Calgary. These projects range from stand-alone developments to mixed-use and street front projects.

Most major national and international retailers are located in Calgary and boast some of the highest productivity levels in the nation for a variety of reasons - including highest personal income per capita in 2012 at $58,314 (Conference Board of Canada) and highest number of millionaires in Canada on a per capita basis in 2010 (144.7 per 100,000) (Statistics Canada) - which contribute to high sales volumes. Alberta also had the highest commercial food service sales per capita in 2011 at $1,897.93 (GE Capital, Franchise Finance).

Calgary Economic Development partnered with Altus InSites commercial real estate industry. Altus InSite is a division of Altuss largest independent real estate consulting firm.

Altus InSite is an online tool that companies can use to search for available industrial, office and retail space in the Calgary Region based on the square foot size required. Companies can compare available space by office class, total space and leasing district. The tool also provides information for the leasing contact so companies can inquire further about space they are interested in.

Use the Altus InSite tool to search for available industrial, office and retail space.

The City of Calgary also provides information on available land for sale as well as future land available, and provides information and resource links for industrial land sales, commercial land sales and residential land sales.

Visit The City of Calgary for more information and to use their interactive map.